Zomi Education Centre, Taman Cheras

Transforming Lives Through Education   

About Us


  • We are the children, staff and parents of the Zomi Education Centre
  • We are Myanmar(Zomi) refugees currently living in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  • We are only temporary residents here so don't enjoy the full benefits that Malaysians enjoy.
  • But we appreciate our temporary home.
  • Our people are waiting permanent settlement in another country-possibly USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or Europe.
  • We are on the waiting list. It could be 2-5 years depending on our luck
  • We are financially poor people and could not afford to hire a boat to Australia like many refugees do.
  • Zomi Education Centre is a self funded, private school for our children as the Malaysian government does not allow our children to go to their schools.
  • We rely on parent's fees and public donations to keep the school operating
  • Our school is in the outer suburban area of Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia.
  • We occupy 2 small buildings. We have several rooms for conducting classes which later in the evening are converted into dormitories where the boarders sleep on mattresses